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What will be the 5G speed on the iPhone 2020?

02.08.2019 0 Comments

What will be the 5G speed on the iPhone 2020?


Trying to imagine 5G speed on subsequent iPhones.

Apple does not plan to release 5G smartphones until the fall of 2020. However, other manufacturers and mobile operators are already testing a new generation of mobile networks. For example, 5G smartphones are offered by Samsung and LG.

What will be the 5G speed on the iPhone 2020?


Verizon, the largest mobile phone operator in the United States, invited MacRumors editors in Chicago to test 5G in practice. So far, 5G mobile Internet works only in a few cities in the United States of America and not in all areas of these cities. The 5G infrastructure deployment process is not a fast process. Even in 2020, it is unlikely that the entire US territory will be under full 5G coverage, not to mention Russia.

In any case, now the authors of the MacRumors portal know what speeds to expect from an iPhone with a 5G modem in 2020.

Tests were conducted on smartphones LG V50 and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. The results are amazing – the download speed reached 2 GB / s, an incredible result, completely unattainable for 4G LTE. True, 2 GB / s are peak values. There is no talk of any stability. Sometimes the speed decreased to 100 MB / s.

This is not surprising, since the technology is quite crude, in addition, Verizon uses the millimeter wave range in its 5G networks, and such waves are very sensitive, they are greatly influenced by physical objects, such as buildings and trees.

In any case, having tested 5G in practice, MacRumors made sure that the subsequent iPhones would be simply unbelievable, and the fifth generation mobile networks would really make a small technical revolution. Impressive opportunities will open up for users – watching real-time video, instantly downloading movies and games – so, in order to download one episode of the Stranger Things series, a 5G smartphone only took a couple of seconds.

By the end of 2020, when new 5G iPhones appear on the market, next-generation mobile networks will be much more advanced than today. And then the maximum number of users without any “buts” will be able to take advantage of them. Yes, Android smartphone makers are already releasing their 5G gadgets. However, Apple-loyal iPhone owners are unlikely to lose much. If only because so far 5G works in a very limited number of places.

Source: MacRumors

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