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What you can buy at the price of the "budget" iPhone SE 2020

13.05.2020 0 Comments

What can I buy at the price of the "budget" iPhone SE 2020 "title =" What can I buy at the price of the "budget" iPhone SE 2020 "data-srcset =" kupit-po-cene-byudzhetnogo-iPhone-SE-2020.jpg 980w, .jpg 520w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 980px) 100vw, 980px ">  

<p>A lot of everything!</p> 

<p>Prior to the release of the 2nd generation iPhone SE, everyone actively called the smartphone “budgetary.” However, this did not happen. In Russian realities, the novelty turned out to be quite expensive – all because of the ruble falling in March. What can you buy at the price of the 2nd generation iPhone SE, the very “popular” smartphone that everyone wanted so much? Let's find out.</p>
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Sports car (almost)

Even if you didn’t dissect the classic Honda Civic in Need for Speed: Underground 2, you are unlikely to argue that this is a sports car. And it is precisely him who can be bought at the price of the brand new iPhone SE of the 2nd generation. An unusual investment will not allow you to shoot video in 4K, but it will certainly work out to boast of a sports car in front of friends and acquaintances.

360 kilograms of good buckwheat

In today's difficult conditions, having buckwheat is almost cooler than the last iPhone (and the new iPhone SE is technically the last right now). Instead of a smartphone, you can buy as much as 360 kilograms of buckwheat, and very high quality. You won’t be able to make calls on the croup, but it doesn’t have wide frames around the screen. 1-0 in favor of buckwheat!

8 Xiaomi Redmi Go smartphones

8 smartphones are better than one, right? If in your case the answer is yes, then you can safely buy eight Redmi Go smartphones instead of the 2nd generation iPhone SE.

Of course, they won’t work as fast as the iPhone SE. But there is a plus. If the smartphone begins to brake inexorably, it can be effectively smacked against the wall. There will be seven more!

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Two wheels for Mac Pro

Alas, the whole set of wheels for the Mac Pro at the price of the new iPhone SE can not be bought. Still, they cost 69,990 rubles, and these are almost two iPhone SEs. Therefore, you can buy two wheels. Plus, change will remain – you can buy, for example, a cover for them. Let it be.

One (!) Apple share

Do you believe in Apple? Right now, the company is working on a powerfully updated iPhone 12 in a new design, including its compact version. Do you think this will shoot?

If so, then instead of buying a "budget" iPhone SE, it is better to buy Apple shares. For the price of the brand new iPhone SE, you can buy a whole share of the American IT giant, they are now sold for exactly $ 300. On delivery, it will turn out to purchase another smartphone in order to stay in touch. Well, to follow the quotes, because you are now a shareholder!

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