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WhatsApp found a serious bug. Experts advise updating

22.12.2019 0 Comments

WhatsApp found a serious bug. Experts advise updating


Vulnerability allows you to delete messages.

Check Point security researchers have discovered a serious vulnerability in the WhatsApp app for iPhone and Android devices. Sending a special message to the group chat leads to the failure of the application for all its participants and the loss of the history of correspondence. Experts recommended that all messenger users install the latest version of WhatsApp, in which the problem is fixed.


WhatsApp found a serious bug. Experts advise updating

Receiving a malicious message in a group chat causes an emergency shutdown of the WhatsApp application. Restarting the application becomes possible only after its removal and reinstallation from the App Store or Google Play. At the same time, if the user again enters the group chat with a malicious message, the application will again stop working.

Researchers passed bug information to WhatsApp developers a few weeks ago. The flaw was fixed in builds of application 2.19.120 and newer.

Check Point did not tell you exactly what message should be sent to cause a failure. According to them, millions of WhatsApp users still use old versions of the application, in which the vulnerability is not resolved.

Earlier it became known that in 2020, WhatsApp will cease to work on older iPhone models.

Source: 9to5Mac.

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