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When Explorer 10 appears in Windows 10

16.05.2020 0 Comments

When Explorer 10 appears in Windows 10


And what will he look like?

The new Windows 10 Explorer is one of the most anticipated innovations of the future major update to the Microsoft operating system. When will it appear and what will it look like? And in what form should the new “Explorer” be expected at all? They answered questions of interest to users, dispelling several popular myths.


When Explorer 10 appears in Windows 10

The concept of the new "Explorer" Windows 10

The new "Explorer" in Windows 10 really will be. Microsoft itself showed it in a video dedicated to the announcement of a major Windows 10 update in the style of Fluent Design. The updated Explorer will look like this:

The final version of the new "Explorer"

As you can see, the form and essence of the "Guide" will remain the same. Microsoft will not turn the most frequently used component of Windows into something out of the ordinary, so as not to scare users in a trite way. And this is the right decision – you don’t have to get used to Explorer 2.0.

The updated "Explorer" will become more minimalistic, suitable for the general redesigned style of Windows 10. Also, new controls at the bottom will appear in it. The upper part of the Explorer window, on the contrary, will be cleared of a large number of additional elements. Most likely, users will have the opportunity to return them through the settings.

When will such "Explorer", and indeed the updated design of Windows 10 become available to users? An update with a new design should be expected no earlier than the first quarter of 2021. This was previously reported by insiders who found out that Microsoft had already planned all the big updates for 2020. Among them there is no update that includes the new design of Windows 10.

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