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When will iOS 13.3 come out with new features?

01.11.2019 0 Comments

When will iOS 13.3 come out with new features?


The first forecasts.

In 2019, Apple developers simply can not be stopped. They release iOS updates one by one, far ahead of the standard launch schedule for iPhone firmware. It got to the point that at the very end of October we begin to expect the first news about iOS 13.3, since iOS 13.1 and iOS 13.2 have already been released. When to wait for the release of iOS 13.3, in which there will certainly be new features?


When will iOS 13.3 come out with new features?

iOS 13 – special firmware. Therefore everything is complicated

Apple releases updates for iOS really quickly, this has not happened before. Just think about it, the company has already released iOS 13.2, although usually iOS x.2 updates were released in December, and sometimes in March:

AliExpress 11.11 2019 iOS 9.2 – December 8, 2015. iOS 10.2 – December 12, 2016. iOS 11.2 – December 2, 2017. iOS 12.2 – March 25, 2019.

iOS 13.2 was released on October 28, 2019, much earlier than usual, which is completely untypical for Apple.

When iOS 13.3 comes out

And this unusually early launch of iOS 13.2 makes the situation confusing. The fact is that Apple usually released iOS x.3 firmware at the end of March, after Apple’s traditional spring presentation.

Will iOS 13.3 really have to wait until March? Forbes sources do not think so. According to their data, the first beta version of iOS 13.3 for developers will be released early next week – November 4-6. Then, within a day, Apple will present a similar build of iOS 13.3 for participants in the testing program, insiders say. If this information is confirmed, then the final version of iOS 13 will be released in a couple of months of testing – in January 2020.

Despite the forecasts, there is no complete confidence in the release of the first beta version of iOS 13.3 next week. On the part of Apple, it will be much more logical to release several technical updates: iOS 13.2.1, iOS 13.2.2, etc., and save iOS 13.3 for the March presentation.

Earlier, we talked about who should install iOS 13.2, and who definitely doesn’t need to.

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AliExpress 11.11 2019 AliExpress 11.11 2019

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