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When will iOS 13.5 come out and why is it worth the wait

10.05.2020 0 Comments

When will iOS 13.5 come out and why is it worth the wait


A big update is coming.

IOS 13.5 development has accelerated. On May 6, Apple released the fourth beta of the firmware, which came out a week after the third. In iOS 13.5 there are a couple of interesting innovations and a whole bunch of technical improvements that are so much needed by many users. When to wait for the release of the final version of iOS 13.5?


When will iOS 13.5 come out and why is it worth the wait

iOS 13.5 is not the most typical major update for the iPhone. Initially, the firmware was called iOS 13.4.5 and was considered minor. However, after the release of two beta versions of iOS 13.4.5 at Apple, suddenly for many they launched iOS 13.5 beta 3 as a continuation.

This happened due to the implementation in iOS 13.5 of a large previously unplanned change. It is a function of warning users about a possible virus infection. This option, developed by Apple in conjunction with Google, does not seem to work in Russia, since it has ceased to be available in iOS 13.5 beta 4.

Another important innovation in iOS 13.5 is the improved recognition by the Face ID function of the user's face in the mask. If the user tries to unlock the iPhone using Face ID, while in the mask, the function will "understand" this.

Due to this, in case of unsuccessful identification of the face, the iPhone will instantly offer an unlock by entering a password. At present, unlocking your iPhone with a password is only possible after several unsuccessful attempts to unlock via Face ID.

😷 How to teach Face ID to recognize you as a mask

In addition, a relatively rare problem has been fixed in iOS 13.5, due to which iPhones can run out of charge faster than usual on iOS 13.4 and iOS 13.4.1. This was reported by beta testers firmware. Also, iOS 13.5 increased productivity, which was confirmed by comparisons of firmware with iOS 13.4.1 on various iPhone models.

When will iOS 13.5 come out? The first beta version of iOS 13.5 (then still iOS 13.4.5) was released on March 31. Thus, Apple has been testing the firmware for almost a month and a half. In the case of iOS 13 updates, this is the longest period of firmware testing.

In this regard, most likely, Apple will release iOS 13.5 in the next two weeks. This is also indicated by the build number of iOS 13.5 beta 4 – 17E5255a. The letter “a” at the end of the build number is most often used by Apple for release and pre-release builds. For comparison, the build numbers of previous beta versions of iOS 13.5 (iOS 13.4.5) are 17F5034c, 17F5044d and 17F5054h. A change in the letter in the build number of iOS 13.5 indicates that the firmware is ready for an early release.


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