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Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

12.08.2019 0 Comments

Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?


Choosing an Apple smartphone model for yourself.

You don’t have an iPhone yet, but want to purchase one? Or are you planning to change the outdated model of Apple's smartphone to a new one? Given the variety of versions that are currently available on our market, it is quite easy to get confused. This material is intended to help determine which “iPhone” you need specifically — dear or not, with a large amount of memory or basic, with or without physical buttons, and so on.

Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?


Currently, Apple officially sells the iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone XS / XS Max and iPhone XR. You can also find iPhone 6s and iPhone X in stores. All these models officially support updating to iOS 13, so their relevance will remain high for several years or more.

iPhone 6s – a smartphone for those who want to save money

Until recently, iPhone SE could be found on store shelves; it remained the most affordable Apple smartphone for a fairly long period of time. Now SE on sale from authorized Apple dealers can not be found. Who did not have time – he was late.

Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

At the moment, the most inexpensive of Apple's officially sold models in the Russian Federation is the iPhone 6s. Since our last publication, it has fallen in price even more. In the Beeline online store, they ask for only 21,990 rubles for the version with a 32 GB drive.

The relevance of the iPhone 6s in 2019 and 2020. The iPhone 6s still copes with all the tasks – it is a great smartphone with powerful stuffing, a great camera, high-quality display and a capacious battery. It will be relevant until the end of 2019 and in the 2020th – such "iPhones" can be updated to iOS 13, coming out in September, unlike simple "sixes" and 5s. As for the future builds – iOS 14 and iOS 15 – it's too early to talk about this.

IPhone 6s is your choice if you want to save.

iPhone 7 – still a great smartphone for little money

For "iPhone 7" with 32 GB of RAM, they are now asking 29,990 rubles – this is the price at most official Apple dealers. For the money, this is a great offer. If we analyze the frequency of queries in search engines, then it is the Seven that is of most interest to Russian fans of Apple devices from Apple the most.

Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

Despite its age, iPhone 7 is one of the best gadgets in terms of price / quality ratio in the market. Among its advantages are a durable aluminum case (instead of newfangled glass ones), a powerful A10 Fusion processor that still copes with any games (its relevance is 3-4 years, at least), and a wonderful camera. And yet – such an "iPhone" is protected from water and dust.

Apple will certainly continue to update the iPhone 7 after the release of iOS 13. Absolutely, such a gadget will get an update to iOS 14, and possibly to the 15th.

If you need a "large" version of an extremely successful device from Cupertinos, you have to overpay – for the iPhone 7 Plus with a 32 GB drive, they ask from 38,990 rubles. The price has not changed for a long time. However, Beeline offers a version in the state "like new" for 32,990 rubles.

We already wrote that the restored or “like new” iPhone has a full Apple warranty. The purchase of such devices is not associated with any risks.

Another plus of the iPhone 7 Plus is its battery life – this parameter is one of the leaders among all Apple smartphones.

iPhone 8 – for those who have more money

If your budget for iPhone is close to 40 thousand rubles, then you can take a closer look at iPhone 8 – 39 990 rubles are being asked for it. This is a version with a 64 GB drive.

Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

Think about buying such a device is for those who are going to switch from iPhone 5s or a simple “six”. The difference between these smartphones is enormous. But for those who already have an iPhone 7, it makes no sense to change it to 8-ku. Yes, the iPhone 8 has a slightly better camera, it supports the wireless charging function and that’s all. In our review, we already wrote that from the "seven" it is better to switch to more advanced devices from Apple – for example, iPhone XR, X or XS.

Yes, for 8 Plus with 64 GB of memory you will have to pay 44,990 rubles.

Of course, the G8 will receive an update to iOS 13, and in the future – to iOS 14, 15 and, possibly, even later versions of the operating system.

iPhone XR – great battery life and reasonable price

The iPhone XR came along with the much more expensive XS / XS Max. For such a smartphone with 64 GB of memory will have to pay 54,990 rubles. The model is Apple's record for battery life without recharging.

Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

It features a modern design of Xs, a powerful filling based on the A12 processor, a display with gesture support and the ability to select a device in one of many colors.

This iPhone model will remain relevant for the next 4-5 years. And, yes, this is the entrance to the future – all subsequent Apple smartphones will have a similar form factor with gesture control and the absence of buttons on the front panel.

iPhone X or XS / XS Max?

For 63 990 rubles in the Beeline online store you can find iPhone X with 64 GB of memory on board. Yes, this is no longer the flagship model, however, given the price difference between the iPhone X and XS, it makes sense to take a closer look at the 2017 model.

Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

For the simplest iPhone XS with the same 64 GB, you will have to pay as much as 79,990 rubles. At the same time, you will hardly feel much difference with version X. Yes, XS is better in everything, equipped with a stunning display, stunning cameras, demonstrates the highest performance and long battery life.

Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

However, there are no revolutionary technologies here – XS is an evolutionary development of the X model. It is felt about the same. Therefore, if you are limited in funds, but still want one of the top Apple smartphones, feel free to take X, while they are still sold at official dealerships. Money is not the problem? Then, of course, buy a more powerful XS.

Or even the top XS Max – its price for the version with a 64 GB drive is 89,990 rubles. This is the largest, most powerful, fastest iPhone ever created.

Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

When buying a new iPhone now, one should not forget that very soon – literally in a month – Apple will release a new generation of its smartphones. We are talking about the iPhone 11 models (however, the name may change). Apparently, the main innovation will be the presence of a triple camera in a scandalous rectangular module. The rest of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R experts expect the development of ideas XS / XS Max / XR. Therefore, if you are not constrained by the means and want to buy the top-end iPhone, it makes sense to wait a bit and buy the current flagship of 2019.

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