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Why is iPhone X better than iPhone XR?

25.09.2019 0 Comments

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<p>A dark theme saves a charge on X, but not on XR.</p> 

<p>After the release of the final version of iOS 13, there was one more argument in favor of buying an iPhone X rather than an XR – of course, if you manage to find such a model in stores, because officially Apple does not sell X anymore.</p>
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The new iOS firmware revealed another important advantage of the iPhone X over XR. More precisely – all Cupertin's smartphones with OLED screens (and this is the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max). With the dark theme turned on, they allow you to extend the life of the device’s battery.


This is all due to the differences between liquid crystal LCD displays and organic OLED screens using LEDs.

What is an LCD? This is a matrix with a conditional image, a layer of liquid crystals and LED backlight. Crystals receive light from LEDs, passing light waves through a colored grid of multi-colored pixels – this is how a color image is formed.

In OLED displays, the color grid and the backlight are one. Pixels themselves generate light. As a result, we get increased brightness and saturation of the picture.

OLED’s are also more energy efficient. With the dark theme on iOS 13 turned on, they can dramatically extend battery life.

The screen of the iPhone X lacks a separate backlight, consists of multi-colored diodes. Various combinations of diodes allow us to see one color or another, except black. For the user to see exactly black, the pixels just need to go out.

A dark theme is just filled with the desired black. Thus, when it is turned on, most of the pixels simply go out, therefore energy will be saved – the battery will last longer.

XR does not know how.

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