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Why is replacing glass on an iPhone more profitable than changing the display?

31.07.2020 0 Comments

Why is replacing glass on an iPhone more profitable than changing the display?


Price and process of glass plywood on iPhone X with photos.

Smashed your iPhone and decided to fix the issue right away before the problem got bigger? Looking for a suitable option where iPhone glass replacement can be carried out. Hurry to the Macplus service center on the Kurskaya metro station. We can help, even if you just dropped it and an ugly crack is creeping across the screen, your beloved iPhone was swimming in a puddle or "got acquainted" with the curb. Situations and damage can be different, the main thing is to contact a specialist in a timely manner and as early as possible. Attention, it is in your best interest not to postpone the repair – delay may cause additional damage.


Do you think that if there is no damage, then even swimming in a puddle is not a problem? Alas, this is not the case. If the phone remained sealed, the fall probably violated the protection, which means that it is unlikely that it will be possible to simply wipe the gadget and move on. The second reason to contact the service as soon as possible – it is quite possible that during the fall, some of the elements, for example, the loop, received partial damage and now they can still be restored, it is cheaper than a complete replacement of spare parts.

The third reason is that the cost of replacing glass on an iPhone is much less than replacing a display assembly. For example, replacing the iPhone X glass will cost 6,500 rubles, instead of 9,900 rubles when replacing the display. So if everything is limited to a small crack, you can hope for minimal spending. Keep in mind that even if you were lucky once and the display remained intact, and only the glass was damaged, if you drop it again, the result can be much more sad and expensive.

What does the iPhone X glass plywood look like in all its details and why does it necessarily require the intervention of an experienced and qualified craftsman with special equipment? It's simple (for the master, of course).

1. Dismantling the iPhone and dismantling the display module, which is not too simple and requires precise movements, correct application of force and adherence to the sequence of removing the elements, otherwise there is a good chance of damaging the display cable and causing the screen to fail.

2. Removing the loop with proximity and lighting sensors also requires the utmost care – no one will be happy with additional repairs.

3. Then carefully remove the frame from the display module, and then on the heating table carefully cut the damaged glass with a special string. The utmost precision of movement is very important, otherwise you may damage the display or the touch layer.

4. The next step is to remove the adhesive layer with special means. It is important to use only suitable substances, otherwise the result may be unpleasant, costing a new display module.

5. The next step is to check the display – it is important to make sure that it is fully operational, and cleaning the screen from dust.

6. The next step is centering and installing new glass and OCA film on the display module. This process also requires the utmost care, otherwise parts may be damaged and the process will have to start over.

7. Further two compacts – the first in a vacuum chamber, the second in a chamber with increased pressure and heating to get rid of residual bubbles in the OCA layer of the film.

8. Then a new frame is glued and the proximity and light sensors are installed, as well as a new dust layer on the device body. And this process requires accuracy and precision of movements – sensors damaged during the installation are unlikely to work correctly, and not too neatly installed protection will allow dust and dirt to penetrate into the iPhone.

9. The final stage is assembling the gadget and checking all its functions.

Any repair of equipment is difficult and very responsible, it requires knowledge and accuracy. We are so confident in the skills and qualifications of our specialists that we provide a guarantee for replacing glass on an iPhone and other types of repair work. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will not break the gadget again, but we are absolutely sure of the quality of the glass or display.

If you break glass, hurry to the Macplus service center. We have the price of replacing glass on the iPhone X below the cost of repairing the display. We will do our best to solve the problem quickly and with a guarantee.

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