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Will call recording appear in iOS 14

10.06.2020 0 Comments

Will call recording appear in iOS 14


The answer to an important question.

Starting Monday, June 8, a number of Internet resources began to disseminate information that iOS 14 will have the long-awaited ability to record calls. We figured out where the “legs are growing” from this news and found out whether iPhone owners can really expect this feature to appear in iOS 14.


Will call recording appear in iOS 14

The news source about the appearance of call recording in iOS 14 is the Chinese news resource ITHome. In its publication, the publication refers to a screenshot “discovered” by the jailbreak community. The screenshot shows the settings and functions for recording phone calls and FaceTime calls, which was attributed to the appearance in iOS 14.

The publication itself only suggests that such an opportunity may appear in iOS 14. Moreover, the screenshot does not apply to iOS 14. The screenshot was taken on an iPhone running iOS 13 with jailbreak installed. It shows the settings of the jailbreak tweak Audio Call Recording, which allows you to record calls on a “jailbroken” iPhone.

Thus, the news about the possible appearance of call recording in iOS 14 is actively published on the Internet now – fake. You should not expect the introduction of this feature in iOS 14, since call recording is prohibited at the legislative level in many countries. Because of this, many manufacturers of Android smartphones previously had to remove a similar option from their devices.


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