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Will the 2019 iPhones work with the Apple Pencil

25.08.2019 0 Comments

Will the 2019 iPhones work with the Apple Pencil


Cases for the iPhone 11 Pro with holders for Apple Pencil have already appeared on sale.

On August 21, Olixar’s iPhone 11 Pro cases on sale with Apple’s built-in pencil holder on the Case Mobile Fun website. It seems that the designer of these accessories believes that Apple is developing a smaller version of the Apple Pencil that will work with the iPhone XS Max or the iPhone 11 Pro. Or Olixar is simply trying to attract attention by playing on the interest of users in a function that may not appear.

Apple pencil


Indeed, there are no official statements from Apple that the stylus will work with the new iPhones. There is also no more or less indirect evidence of this.

However, the Korean site The Investor announced in 2017 that Apple will introduce Apple Pencil support for the iPhone in 2019, and recently Citi Research listed Apple Pencil as one of the promising features for new devices.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple Pencil support is an opportunity for the future iPhone, but that was in 2018, and he no longer mentioned Apple Pencil support in the 2019 device lineup. Min is rarely mistaken, he recently predicted the emergence of new cases for the Apple Watch made of titanium and ceramics. Today, almost no one doubts their appearance.

Often, the early case design for future iPhones turned out to be accurate, but in this situation, Olixar most likely simply seeks to draw attention to its brand. In any case, time will tell.

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