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Worst 2019 Passwords Named

23.12.2019 0 Comments

Worst 2019 Passwords Named


You can’t put such ones.

NordPass has revealed the statistics of the most popular worst passwords of 2019. All the passwords that got into the top were used by real users in various web services.


Worst 2019 Passwords Named

NordPass analyzed a database of 500 million passwords that were in the public domain for 2019. According to company representatives, in just the past 12 months, cybercriminals have been able to crack about three billion accounts.

The top 20 most popular worst passwords of 2019 are as follows:

12345 123456 123456789 test1 password 12345678 zinch g_czechout asdf qwerty 1234567890 1234567 Aa123456. iloveyou 1234 abc123 111111 123123 dubsmash test

NordPass experts said that users set such insecure passwords without thinking about the safety of their data. At the same time, many Internet users use the same elementary passwords on several accounts at once, including those that have personal data.

Earlier we talked about how to come up with a complex password and remember it easily.

Source: NordPass.

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