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Xiaomi boasted MIUI 12 with child errors

26.05.2020 0 Comments

Xiaomi boasted MIUI 12 with child errors


And it did not go unnoticed.

Users of the Reddit resource laughed at numerous errors on the official website of Xiaomi. In a discussion of a page describing the benefits of the MIUI 12 software shell, users noticed a lot of spelling errors, most of which are obvious.


Xiaomi boasted MIUI 12 with child errors

In particular, the words “Phhysics”, “Animationg” and others were written with errors on the MIUI 12 presentation site. According to users, there are errors on almost every slide presented on the page.

What is the reason for such a large number of spelling errors on the Xiaomi website is unknown. At the time of writing, the errors did not disappear from the company’s website.

The MIUI 12 software shell will be released in late June. Initially, MIUI 12 will be available to users of only a few models of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. As part of the second wave of distribution of MIUI 12, which is scheduled for June, users of most models will receive the update.

Source: Reddit.

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