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Xiaomi owners complain about slow MIUI 11

14.02.2020 0 Comments

Xiaomi owners complain about slow MIUI 11


MIUI 10 is considered faster.

Xiaomi smartphone users complained that the new version of the MIUI 11 shell is slower compared to MIUI 10. Owners of various models, including the flagship Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro, reported the advantage of the old firmware.


Xiaomi owners complain about slow MIUI 11

The slowdown of MIUI 11 was noticed by users from the Reddit resource and the official Xiaomi forum. One of the users made a visual comparison, which confirmed that the execution of various tasks on MIUI 11 is significantly slower compared to MIUI 10. In addition, animation slowdowns are observed.

In the discussion of this video, owners of different models of Xiaomi smartphones admitted that they also drew attention to the negative consequences of installing a new shell. Most users note that they will not roll back to the previous firmware and patiently wait until Xiaomi releases a fix or the next major update of the proprietary shell.

Source: Xiaomi, Reddit.

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