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Xiaomi released a “smart” column for only 500 rubles

03.07.2020 0 Comments

Xiaomi released a “smart” column for only 500 rubles


"Smart" baby.

Xiaomi has launched sales of XiaoAI Portable Speaker smart speakers with XiaoAI voice assistant support. The device has compact dimensions – it even fits in your jeans pocket. According to Xiaomi, the device is designed to listen to music and perform tasks through a “smart” assistant in small rooms.


Xiaomi released a “smart” column for only 500 rubles

The built-in voice assistant allows you to use a number of useful features. The assistant will help with managing playback, selecting music, setting timers and alarms, and other tasks. It is noteworthy that if you connect the speaker to the smartphone via Bluetooth, then through it it becomes possible to control other voice assistants, including Siri.

The runtime of the column without recharging is up to six hours, which is a very large indicator, provided the compact dimensions of the device.

From today, Xiaomi launched sales of a new speaker in China at a price of 49 yuan (about 500 rubles). In the coming weeks, the device will appear on AliExpress at Xiaomi technology resellers.

Source: Xiaomi.

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