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Xiaomi showed the "dark theme 2.0" from MIUI 12. Check it out

24.04.2020 0 Comments

Xiaomi showed the "dark theme 2.0" from MIUI 12. Check it out



Xiaomi has announced an improved dark theme for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones, which will become part of the MIUI 12 shell. Dark Mode 2.0 extends to the entire interface of the software shell, covering 42 system and 20 popular third-party applications.


Xiaomi showed the "dark theme 2.0" from MIUI 12. Check it out

The dark interface mode introduced in MIUI 11 turned out to be very crude, since Xiaomi created it in a hurry to catch up with Apple and Google, who implemented the dark theme in iOS 13 and Android 10, respectively. It worked only in some standard applications and did not apply to third-party applications.

In the updated version of the dark theme in MIUI 12, Xiaomi developers took into account their shortcomings. Dark Theme 2.0 supports all standard applications included in the MIUI 12 shell. In addition, developers have implemented “deep integration” of the dark theme into 20 popular third-party applications.

Xiaomi showed the "dark theme 2.0" from MIUI 12. Check it out

Xiaomi also worked on the technical part of the issue. MIUI 12's new dark mode uses non-linear color space conversion of LAB and HSV, which improves visual perception. In addition, the contrast of a dark theme dynamically changes depending on the brightness of the environment for better visibility. This will allow you to comfortably use a smartphone with an activated dark theme in bright natural light.

A new dark theme will affect fonts and dynamically change the contrast of fonts, reducing glare and blur, if necessary, for improved perception. Also, the updated mode will darken the wallpaper on your smartphone, similar to the dark theme in iOS 13 for iPhone.

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