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Xiaomi smartphones on "pure" Android are a thing of the past

11.08.2020 0 Comments

Xiaomi smartphones on "pure" Android are a thing of the past


Alas, Xiaomi Mi A4 won't come out.

Xiaomi will no longer release smartphones running a pure Android operating system as part of the Android One program. According to company representatives, all future smartphones will come with pre-installed MIUI software shell or other new shells from Xiaomi.


Xiaomi stressed that because of this decision, the company will refuse to release the Xiaomi Mi A4. Most likely, Xiaomi will stop releasing new smartphones from this line, which have always been distinguished by the fact that they were running "pure" Android.

Xiaomi did not tell about the reasons for this decision. According to experts, the likely reason could be the situation with the updates of smartphones from the Xiaomi Mi A line. Most often, they received Android updates with a long delay. In addition, many updates contained critical bugs that users complained about. At the same time, due to the slow release rate of updates, the owners of problem smartphones had to wait for a long time for troubleshooting.

Earlier, Motorola refused to release smartphones on "pure" Android under the Android One program. HMD Global, which produces smartphones under the Nokia brand, is the only one taking part in the program.

Source: GSMArena.

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